Last stop Adelaide

Friday around 7 p.m., 32 degrees outside. Fietje is already asleep. Time for a first good-bye.

Tomorrow afternoon, we will have to return our camper van (after almost 8000 km) before we will fly over to Tasmania on Sunday morning. It feels a bit sad leaving the Eastern part of Australia. And it also took quite a long time to tidy up the camper van and pack our stuff ;). In the end, we packed two small parcels with all the things we won’t need on our further travels so that we will send them back to Germany.

Since Tuesday, we spent a couple of really nice days in and around Adelaide. It’s a really tiny CBD so that we went downtown for only an afternoon. The rest of the week we had a look at the beaches and the hills. Beautiful, especially Herley Beach! Yesterday, on Australia Day, we went to Barossa valley to have a look at all the vineyards. An amazing place! At midday, we had a delicious lunch at Jacob’s Creek. And a sip of great red wine :).

Before we came here, we spent the nights in Nelson and Southend. Really tiny villages in a pretty surrounding, e.g. Mount Gambier (the blue lake is a must-see!) and Beachport. We also had breakfast at Robe, a very nice village. The lady sitting next to us told us that she had moved from England to Adelaide 45 years ago. She told us about the nice sights in and around Adelaide which we now visited during the last days.

Okay, we need to pack the rest of our stuff now. The next post will be from Tasmania, I guess.

Have a great weekend <3

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