An extended stay

Tuesday, 7th November, and we are still in Bali… We had to cancel our flight back to Germany since Fietje got a high temperature on Sunday and me on Monday. So we went to the doctor who advised us to cancel the flight. Feeling sick and suffering from a high temperature when there are 30 degrees outside is not nice, but I guess there are worse places to stay longer than you had planned…

So we are sleeping most of the time, drinking a lot of tea in-between and having take-away food from the warungs around. Today, the weather is getting better since there was a lot of rain during the last three days. Let’s hope we will get better soon so that we can also enjoy our extended stay outside of the hotel room.

Last Thursday, I went to Ubud with our favorite driver Nyoman. I spent the day at the market, had a chat with the people from my favorite coffee place and got some new yoga clothes. I would have loved to buy a new yoga mat, but, unfortunately, the one I fell in love with is too heavy to travel with :(. In the end, I was very happy to see one of the last rice fields in the middle of Ubud (see photo). While driving back to Canggu Nyoman and me talked a lot about how Bali has changed during the last 10 years. It was very, very interesting so that I decided to write an extra post about it soon.

Have a great Tuesday everyone <3




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