Back again

Thursday, Oct 26, 2017. Exactly half a year ago, we celebrated Fietjes first birthday on this beautiful island of Bali – and… we came back here two weeks ago :-). So Daddy also got the chance to celebrate his 40th birthday in Nusa Lembongan, our favorite Balinese island.

When Daddy read about the volcano at the end of September we were no longer sure if we really should go, but so far everything is quiet and nothing really bad has happened yet – except many tremors during the last days and the people who are still waiting for the moment they will be allowed to go back home.

We spent our first week in Canggu, visited all the people we got to know last March/ April. This time – since we are traveling only the three of us, we decided to stay in a hotel outside the city centre. So it was really quiet and nice. No unnerving sound of motorbikes or any construction sites. When we wanted to have dinner at a place we already know from our last visit to Canggu, we had to drive 10 minutes downtown (by scooter). Otherwise we just stayed in our outside living room or at the pool having dinner „at home“. Most of the time, we had breakfast at the hotel restaurant where we met very nice and interesting people from Waiheke island, Perth and Hannover.

One week ago, we came here, to Nusa Lembongan. This time, we chose a bungalow close the yoga shala I went to last time so now I can go there every day, no more excuses… On the other hand, this means that we have to walk 2-3 minutes to the beach (or just take the scooter). Since Fietje is already walking on his own for about 5 months and now starts running, he loves going to the beach. He is running and jumping, throwing sand around and filling water into buckets, cups etc.

We visited Tito from the Yoga Shack, the place we stayed at last time, and we have met other nice families from all around Europe who are also traveling for many months around the world. There are so many of them! Whenever I have a look at my Instagram account there are more and more traveling families following my posts. I love looking at their pictures to see what they are doing in Bali and all over the world, which places they visit etc.

Unfortunately, two days ago, Fietje got a temperature and is now feeling sick. That’s why we decided to cancel our plans going to Gili Air as we had planned and booked for this morning (and the upcoming two days). There must be something wrong with the Gilis  since this is already the second time I booked a tour there but then, in the end, won’t be able to go….

So now we are just relaxing in front of our bungalow, looking at the pool and the surrounding palm trees, going to a yoga session or surfing until Fietje will feel better and the temperature gets back to normal. He is sleeping a lot so he might be better pretty soon. Such a strong and tough boy he is….


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