Christmas in Paradise

Saturday, 9 a.m. Christmas Eve. Fietje and Daddy have fallen asleep again. Therefore, I want to take this opportunity to wish all of you a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year – in case I won’t get the chance to write another post next week.

I’m sitting on our beautiful porch, listening to the parrot in the tree next to me. It feels a bit like celebrating Christmas in paradise. Fietje’s very first Christmas :). We really enjoy the life in a camper van, but the one we rent is very different from ours at home, a bit too small for the three of us, especially when it is raining. That’s why we decided to stay in a gorgeous tiny cottage in the middle of nowhere (but close to the beach :)) for Christmas. Thanks to Barry, our lovely neighbor in Sydney, who told us about this beautiful spot and many other must-see stops on our way further down to Melbourne. We are looking forward to visiting them :).

The week we spent in Sydney was great. Although it has rained for two days, we enjoyed our stay in this spacious flat and the nice chats we had with our neighbors. Different from Brisbane, Sydney has many nice pockets where one can find many beautiful old houses, lovely shops and cosy coffee shops and restaurants. Thank God, we didn’t find anything compared to Teneriffe (in Brisbane), which reminded us of Harbour City in Hamburg, full of skyscrapers. For example, in Sydney one can find posh but nice Paddington and Darlinghurst, touristy Circular Quay, cosy Glebe with many students around, the surf spots Bondi Beach and Manly and then, there is also the alternative Newtown, which I really liked since it still has some run-down areas. There are many places such as all the beaches and the coastal walks that doesn’t make you feel like living in a huge city. We  enjoyed the walk from Coogee to Maroubra very much. It is absolutely stunning, especially on a cloudy day when it’s not too hot. Thanks to Sonja from Brisbane who told us about it.

Anyway, life in a big city is more stressful than in a small village. That’s why we decided to spend Christmas away from all the noise. And it’s just wonderful! There haven’t been many nights so quiet as it is here. The only ’noise‘ comes from the cicadas during the night and the birds in the morning. On the other hand, yesterday, we had to drive for 30 minutes to get groceries for our Christmas dinner. There is nothing around here but nature. Next to the bay, there are only trees and beaches with the whitest sand in the world. It’s a gorgeous place to spend Christmas, although it feels a bit strange without the cold and an ordinary Christmas tree.

Have a wonderful Christmas with all your friends and family <3

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