In gratefulness

We haven’t written an entry for a very long time, but now, we are back. Back on this beautiful island of Lembongan, back on the road. Many things happened since we have ended our travels and moved to Berlin last December, but this is a travel blog so we don’t want to bother you with problems we suffer from back home that made us taking the decision to come back again. Probably the best decision ever.

There was a big hello when we arrived at Puri Kirana almost a week ago. During the last days, we bumped into so many people we still know from our visits in 2017. It kind of feels as if we’ve never been away, more like coming home. Thanks to all the wonderful people here!

Many things have changed since we came here exactly a year ago. There are so many new hotels and fancy restaurants. Lembongan is booming and we feel sorry for the inhabitants of this beautiful island. All these construction sites, these hordes of tourists. There are more and more accommodations for the really wealthy tourists who just stay in their hotels, making use of their private pools and room service instead of  discovering the beautiful nature, eating at a little warung, chatting with the locals and supporting them. That’s a shame in our eyes.

It also looks like the nature is already suffering from these changes a lot. There are many trees without any leave left. Hugh piles of plastic and cans wherever you look. It’s good though that there are more and more places which offer a refill of your water bottle to a low price in order to reduce new plastic waste. However there is still this smell of burned plastic in the air every day. When the piles get too high, the people just set fire to them.

Besides these negative insights, we are grateful for all the positive experience we’ve had during these last days, all the great chats we had with locals and travelers who quit their jobs in order to discover more of this wonderful world. And of course for the great yoga classes offered at Serenity Yoga and the big waves that made Daddy have a good surf everyday.

We also want to thank Barry and Scott. They are not from Bali or Lembongan but from Sydney where we got to know them in December 2016. They recently came to visit us in Berlin and we had a wonderful time. It feels so good to know such wonderful, warm-hearted people all around the world and to be able to constantly stay in touch with them – one of the positive effects of the internet. People who really care.

We are very grateful for all these special people we got to know during our travels in 2016/2017 and during these last days. Thank you guys! Not to forget our friends from back home who were also there for us when we needed them the most.

Have a wonderful night everyone!

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