Liquid Sunshine

Sydney, Sunday, 10 p.m. Although it’s freezing outside (18 degrees Celsius), we are enjoying our cozy Sunday night on the sofa. Since the rain did not seem to stop on Wednesday (and also on Thursday), spontaneously, we decided to book a flat on Airbnb. It was a bit of a hassle, but in the end, on Wednesday night, the very kind neighbor Barry handed out the keys of this nice apartment. Since then, we have totally enjoyed living on more than 8 square meters for a couple of days. Having a real bed, an ensuite bathroom and a huge sofa is pure luxury when it’s raining cats and dogs outside :). And in addition, it was a good compensation for my disappointment on Wednesday afternoon when we did not get tickets for the Coldplay concert at Sydney’s Allianz Stadium. So, therefore, we’ll need to be back in Germany next June when they will be playing in Leipzig :).

Finally, yesterday, the rain stopped and we got the chance to stroll around Sydney. Right after breakfast at our favorite coffee place in Coogee (thanks to Sonja!), we got on the bus to Circle Quai to take a look at the famous Sydney Opera. Yes, it is a very nice and exclusive building and one can enjoy the view, but… since we are no big fans of crowds of tourists, we didn’t spend too much time there. We took some nice pics of the Opera and the famous Harbour Bridge, but then, jumped on the next bus to Paddington Markets. There were some nice stalls, but in the end, we just had a really delicious falafel plate before moving on. Paddington and Darlinghurst are very nice, posh, gay suburbs with a lot of old buildings, coffee shops, shops and street art. But to come a bit closer to nature, we ended this Saturday by walking from Bondi to Tamarama beach. It’s gorgeous! Rocks, the ocean and a fantastic sunset. And the funniest part: When we were waiting for our bus back to Coogee, a couple came downstairs to the bus stop and gave us a Corona beer. They said that they had watched us standing there for a while, dancing with Fietje to the music they were playing on their balcony. We chatted and exchanged contacts. What a great Saturday!

Today, since it was raining again, we stayed in bed for a long time, before having a long breakfast. In the afternoon, we went to Maroubra to have a look at the beach and the shops around. We stayed for an hour, grabbed a salad and went back home. Such a lazy but great Sunday!

Let’s hope there won’t be too much rain tomorrow so that we can stroll around Glebe, where Sydney’s students live…

We still haven’t decided yet where to spend the Christmas days. The biggest problem is that every day we meet so many friendly people who tell us about so many nice places we should go to next that it gets really complicated to decide where to go to. We even got brochures from our favorite neighbor Barry. So, hopefully, we’ll have decided by Tuesday when we are about to leave Sydney. Remember, when going to Australia, there is no need of buying a travel guide 😉

Have a great fourth Sunday in Advent! A big hug from Sydney <3





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