Our First Days in New Zealand

Thursday, almost 11 p.m. After three days of a light jetlag, Fietje is sleeping like a baby ;).

Last Friday, we landed in Christchurch pretty late (around midnight). We had not expected to spend such a long time at the customs. So, finally, at around 2 a.m. we stepped into the room of the airport hotel we had rent for this (short) night. Although it took quite a long time to get there, all of us were really happy to finally be there. 

The next morning after breakfast we picked up our rental car and went downtown. Gosh, we had not expected such visible consequences of the earthquake(s). There are so many damaged or even crashed buildings. Especially the Cathedral is totally broken. It’s absolutely tragic and a pity for all these nice old buildings! But Christchurch takes it as a chance and wants to become the most modern city in the world. So there are many construction sites and pretty interesting projects going on. Maybe that’s one of the reasons why it was love at first sight. We really like Christchurch. It’s so different from all the cities we have seen in Australia. Especially when we walked through the Botanic Garden, we were stoked by all these great trees. It is so beautiful there.

On Monday, we went further down South to Dunedin, a pretty town with an even nicer peninsula. The drive itself was very tiring. Unfortunately, finally having arrived on Otago peninsula, my stomach turned upside down and I was completely knocked out for almost two days (and nights).  So as soon as I was feeling better yesterday afternoon, we started a little sightseeing tour around the peninsula before spending some time with our German friends Philipp and Silke. Daddy likes Dunedin a lot. There are so many great beaches for surfing. So while Daddy and Philipp spent two evenings at the beach, Fietje and I enjoyed ourselves in our cosy room.

Today was a bit different. After having a little breakfast downtown at the Vegetarian Café, we had a fun time at Dunedin Public Art Gallery. We also went for a walk to discover the rest of the town and find a birthday present for Fietje :). Before meeting up with Silke and Philipp for dinner, we had a look at the University of Otago – New Zealand’s oldest university. A really pretty campus! Also very pretty is the view we had while having dinner at the esplanade of St. Clair. Although, so far,  I liked the city of Christchurch a bit better, Dunedin has a lot to offer. The landscape is absolutely astonishing down here. But, personally, I don’t think I could handle these cold (water) temperatures all year long. So I am very much looking forward to our next stop which will be Arrowtown. Unfortunately, we won’t have any internet connection in the cottage we’ll stay at for the next 6 days. So you’ll have to wait for the next post for at least another week, I guess.

Therefore, enjoy your weekend and have a great start into next week! <3

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