Selamat Datang

Saturday afternoon, Lembongan island. Fietje is taking a nap while it’s raining outside.

It’s almost a month ago since I’ve written the last post – and I still haven’t managed to add the pics to our last post. Sorry! Traveling with friends, taking part in yoga classes, going surfing, having dinner together, chatting till late in the night, there is not much time left for writing any posts. So now it’s time to keep you guys updated.

We have moved on so that right now we are already on the tiny island of Lembongan (Bali).

Before, we spent a wonderful time with Yogi in Auckland until March 25. At the end of March, we met our friends from Berlin in Canggu/Bali where we celebrated Fietjes 1st and my 40th birthday. Right after Fietjes birthday, the Balinese people celebrated New Year’s Eve. Therefore, my birthday happened to be on the so-called Day of Silence. What a great birthday! No one is allowed to leave the house or turn on any lights. The island is supposed to stay silent and dark so that the evil ghosts which pass by think that no one is living here. Such an outstanding birthday on a quiet, dark island with a beautiful sky full of stars in the night. I think I will never forget that extraordinary day.

A couple of days later, we took the speedboat to Nusa Lembongan. This island reminds me of the Bali as I got to know it ten years ago with all its temples, but also tons of rubbish. After we had arrived at the airport of Denpasar almost 14 days ago , I was shocked while driving up to Canggu. There are so many Starbucks, KFC, McDonalds etc. now, it is unbelievable how much this island has changed during the last ten and even five years. You don’t see much rubbish, not even cockroaches anywhere. The streets are decorated nicely, also in Canggu, the village of expats. There are so many French people living there, owning villas and restaurants. And even Germans selling their jewelry at the markets. Many cafés and restaurants look exactly the same as they did in Australia. Although the atmosphere is very relaxed, we miss the Balinese character at many places.

Anyway, now we are in Lembongan and enjoy the very peaceful, laid-back atmosphere. We are living in a little bamboo hut next to a yoga shack, a really good warung, the beach and an organic restaurant. So who needs anything else? We rent a motorbike to explore the cute little island, have dinner with our (new) friends from Berlin, Munich and Hamburg, or we just sit in front of our hut and watch the warm raindrops (it’s rain season).

As friends and family told us the weather at home is also changing so that spending a sunny day out is also possible in good old Germany right now. Keeping this in mind will make it a bit easier to get on the plane at the end of this month, leaving behind all these beautiful countries, islands and continents we have visited during the last 6 months.

But still, we have another 3 weeks left to spend in and around Bali. So no time to worry :).

You all have a fabulous weekend, enjoy the sunshine! <3




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