Sunday afternoon, Falmouth, Tasmania. We could stay here forever.

The very first days in Tasmania (Dunalley), I felt as if I had landed at the total end of this world and asked myself how I could survive a 12 days stay. The cottage we rent was full of dead bugs and spiderwebs so that I didn’t want Fietje to play on the floor. Difficult situation. Therefore, we tried to spend as much time outside as this was possible, e.g. by driving around Tasman island. And yes, there is a lot of beautiful nature and many nice farm houses… And the next supermarket is only a 20 minute drive away… And the only coffee shop already closes at 4 p.m., and does not even open on Tuesdays. And there is no phone or internet service. But hey, there is so much beautiful nature …

I was frustrated and thought of our flat in Hamburg with all these nice coffee shops and restaurants around. Bye-bye civilisation. In the end, we decided to ask for an early checkout and leave this awful cottage and boring village.

Two days after our arrival, we left Dunalley and went to Hobart. We liked it so much that we spent the night there. Luckily, we found a very nice apartment near the harbour and a great Japanese restaurant where we had dinner.

The next morning after breakfast we left Hobart and went further north to Falmouth where we rent a hut. It is absolutely gorgeous here. All these beautiful bays around. We had a nice chat with the owner Peter who also has a wonderful big garden. There is no supermarket or coffee shop around, but there is a cute little village close by. This place is just absolutely astonishing. We could stay here forever and are already thinking of coming back this year, right after our wedding. Honeymoon in Falmouth 😄. By the way, thanks to our dear friends at home who help us planning and organising everything for our big day 😘. Thanks so much for your help. Otherwise to organise a wedding in Germany while being thousands of miles away could become a bit complicated.

Unfortunately, we have to check out tomorrow morning and move on to the north of the island. Let’s see if it becomes worse or even better…

To all of you a fabulous Sunday and a good start into the next week ❤

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