We’re back

Friday, 4 p.m., Phillip Island. We are back :). Fietje and his dad are taking a nap. I am sitting in front of our camper van, sunbathing and reflecting our days in Melbourne.

The longer we stayed there, the more people we got to know, the better we liked the city. As long as you don’t spend time downtown, in CBD which is full of tourists, business but also homeless people and drug addicts, Melbourne isn’t too bad. I guess like almost everyone else, we especially liked Fitzroy and Carlton. St. Kilda and Clifton Hill are nice spots as well.

On Wednesday, we had a look at Melbourne Museum (very crowded) and the convent at Abbotsford where we, again, met our new friends Elisa and Giovanni for lunch at Lentils as Anything. I like the idea of giving people the chance to pay whatever they think the food and drinks are worth in order to create equality – so that also people with less money can have lunch or dinner at the same place. And all the food was vegetarian and absolutely delicious. I am really happy that we met Elisa and Gio who told us about that place and also about the walk along the Yarra river. Unfortunately, it was such a hot day that we just made it to Clifton Hill, but, anyway, it was a beautiful path.

In Melbourne, there is so much to do and see that even the week we spent there was way too short. Especially now in January and February all the nice festivals and other cultural events take place. A really great, almost European city. In parts, it seemed to us like a mixture between Berlin and Hamburg. Fitzroy is very similar to Hamburg Sternschanze and a bit to Prenzlauer Berg. So we almost felt like being home – just 32 degrees warmer than actually being at home right now.

So now we are back at Phillip Island. We like the place very much that we thought that 2 days were not enough and came back here last night. While all the other caravan parks were fully booked (still), we came back to the one we stayed at last week. It is so peaceful and quiet here that we decided to stay here until dinner time today, enjoying a bit of relaxation after a week of city life…

To all of you a wonderful relaxing weekend <3

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