What happened in-between

There are 6 months between our last and this stay on Bali, so what has happened in the meantime?

Those last six months we visited many of our friends and family members, drove around Germany, took our camper van to the Baltic sea, to the island of Ruegen, spent some days in Stettin, flew to Greece… and last but not least got married.

Back to Germany on April 26, 2017:

Arriving at the airport of Dusseldorf, we got a very warm welcome from my sister and her family. It was really nice being back, the kids playing together, us talking until late at night. Having breakfast with my dad, dinner with my mum and a barbecue with the entire family…

About two weeks later, we moved on to visit our friends in the Eastern part of Germany (Berlin, Leipzig and Dresden) with an Overnight-stop at Muenster and Kassel. After visiting our friends in Kassel and seeing a bit of the documenta, we moved on to our friends who have been looking after our two dogs during those last six months. That was really great seeing our dogs (and, of course, our friends) after such a long time. They also were very happy to see us (not only the dogs). Therefore, we spent some time in Dresden, got a welcome back-party at our friend’s house and had a great time there.

Since we did not get the chance to see Coldplay live at Sydney, a very good friend of mine and me went to see them in Leipzig. What a great concert that was, wow! We had a fabulous summer night at the stadium and enjoyed the concert before we walked back home with thousands of others strolling through the streets of Leipzig.

When it came to August, we made plans to go to Samos again in order to meet up with our Greek and German friends and enjoy this year`s Music Festival. We spent ten very nice and very hot days there before going back to Germany.

After traveling so much and spending a lot of time with our friend Yogi in Berlin, we started thinking about moving to a different city – so why not to Berlin? Daddy got a great job offer there so we made the decision and started looking for a new apartment. We were really surprised how much the prices have increased in Berlin. Moving to Prenzlauer Berg? No way, way to expensive!  Three months later, we finally signed the contract to rent a very nice, a bit run down apartment. So it’s up to us what we will do with it in order to make it our cozy family home… Seeing all this great furniture and art all around us here in Bali, we get many ideas how to decorate it in the end. Before, the walls have to get some paint while the floor has to be cleaned from too much paint and glue…

So before spending our honeymoon in Bali, we got married at a cozy café in Hamburg, enjoying a wonderful day, surrounded by our family and many of our dearest friends.

So that’s what has happened so far… 

Ten more days and we’ll have to leave this wonderful island again and get ready for moving to Berlin….

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